Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Triphala : The best detoxifying agent

Triphala has held a very high reputation amongst the any other herbal supplement in Ayurveda. The miraculous benefits have made it to acquire such a huge reputation. 

As the name also suggests triphala is made of two words i.e. Tri meaning three and phala meaning fruits. Hence triphala comprises of three fruits mixed equally by volume. This triphala has been a very important component of various Ayurvedic medications and composition. It is also called as mother nectar as it has so many health benefits. Triphala comprises of three fruits i.e. amalaki, haritaki and bhibhitaki. All these herbs have held a high reputation in Ayurveda and are referred as rasayana.

It is regarded as the best detoxifying agent. It helps in eliminating all kinds of toxins that enters our body via various medium. Triphala has been used since ages to clear the bowel moment. It is also very beneficial in proving the normal peristaltic movements that are very essential for proper evacuation of the bowels. Properties of triphala also include it anti bacterial and antiviral properties. These properties of triphala help it to provide a disease free condition in the body. It strengthens the immune system of the body this making our body strong to fight against various diseases. Triphala not only boost immunity but is also helpful in opening the energy channels technically known as “Marma”. Triphala opens these blocked energy hence the body gains all kinds energy that food provides us.

To conclude this is worth mentioning the triphala provides complete detoxification to the body not only in the digestive tract and organ system but also in the cellular levels. It is highly recommended in all kinds of disease and is very safe for children and even pregnant ladies. It proves boon for old people.